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J.W. Ring

J.W. Ring

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If you are looking for one of a kind jewelry, this piece is your answer. No one ring is the same, each has different gems allocated to them.

The unpolished finished gives the ring an unexpected edge and texture, complimenting the star-light gem setting.

The concept of the J.W. ring is spontaneous energy, it’s a celebration of uncertainty. We cannot guarantee how many gems you will get nor colors. This ring is completely random.

The reason for this is because J.W. stand for James E. Webb, who was the administrator of NASA and the inspiration of James Webb Space Telescope. JWST gives us a rare peek into stars in their earliest, rapid stages of formation. We hope this rings remind you of shining stars in the vast night sky, of constellations yet to be discovered.

The Galaxy is beyond our expectations and it exists before time. Hence why this ring is the new timeless.

Available in 925 Silver with semi - precious gemstones
(18K / 9K gold can be order)

We offer worldwide shipping so that everyone can experience our timeless elegance 

***Made to order takes 2-3 weeks for production. Delivery time is usually 5 working days.***

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